quality control

Food safety and quality culture is a concept that is becoming more and more important nowadays in the food sector.

At CANNERY ROW, S.L. we have developed the culture of quality and food safety procedure after years of commitment working and training our personnel to become leaders in our sector.

But what does «Quality and food safety culture» mean?

We can describe this new concept as a set of attitudes, values and practices of a company related to food safety that is transmitted directly and indirectly to its employees.

We should not confuse food safety and quality culture with just compliance with established food safety rules. Rather, it is a concept that must be understood and accepted as a priority by all levels of the organization.

This concept must of course transcend to all the staff of the organization through attitudes and actions that must put food safety before economic benefit. At CANNERY ROW, S.L. we have found that a culture of quality and food safety solidly implemented and consolidated within the company results in a more committed, proactive staff and consequently a more profitable and better organized business.

To this end, we have not only worked to raise awareness of the importance of food safety among our employees and management, but we have also provided a working environment that allows for the best available practices in food safety and quality. 


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