Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) Spanish frozen citrus. Origin Spain.
Standard citrus: Orange, Lemon, Mandarin and Lime.
Mainly cultivated in the South and East of Spain where the weather favors its growth and allows almost 10 months of crop.



January- June
September - December




Industrial packaging for food industry. Formats: 10kg or 20 kg cartons with blue polyline alimentary bag. 1.000kg carton octobins.


Shipment details:

Frozen environment. Temperature at -18ºC.
Logistics: refrigerated truck or reefer container. Euro pallets or industrial pallets.
Cannery Row collaborates with certified transport agencies to offer the best tariffs.     

Type of preparation

Preparation details:

Non-genetically modified citrus: selected, washed, cut and individually quick frozen (I.Q.F.) and preserved frozen until getting a ready to eat product.
Presentations: peel stripes, dices and granulates. Slices, wedges and irregular cut peels.

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