Project Description

Tomato puree or tomato paste is made from fresh and ripe selected tomatoes.  Solanum Lycopersicum.
Mainly cultivated on the South and west of Spain, the climate and fertile grounds permit almost 12 months of crop.




January – December



Industrial packaging:

  • Industrial: Aseptic bags, bag in box and bins.
  • Bulk: tanks and flexitanks.





Shipment details:

Kept in ambient.
Logistics: Dry FCL or FTL. Euro pallets, industrial pallets or slip sheets.
Cannery Row collaborates with certified transport agencies to offer the best tariffs.


Type of preparation

Preparation details:

Aseptic. Sterile product packed into aseptic bags.
Elaborated through mechanical process which obtains a product without seeds and sieved, ready to use for industrial purposes.
Without any preserves or colorants added.
Not OGM and gluten free.
Main items:

  • Tomato dices: 6x6, 10x10, 20x20, etcetera.
  • Low concentration: dices, puree, pizza sauce or passata.
  • High concentration: Tomato paste 28/30 or 36/38. Cold or Hot Break.



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