Project Description

Orange juice is obtained from healthy, washed and selected oranges. Citrus x sinensis.  Main varieties cultivated are Navel, Salustiana and Cadenera.
Cultivated on the East and South of Spain the weather conditions of the Mediterranean Sea permits allow its growth almost 8 months a year.




October – May



Industrial packaging:

  • Industrial: Aseptic bags, bag in box and bins.
  • Bulk: tanks and flexitanks.





Shipment details:

Environment: refrigerated or frozen.
Refrigerated: Between 0º and 4º C.
Frozen: -18ºC
By road and sea: refrigerated truck or reefer container.
Cannery Row collaborates with certified transport agencies to offer the best tariffs.     


Type of preparation

Preparation details:

Through a mechanical process we can obtain a wide range of products that are perfectly sterile and ready to use for industry purposes. Without any preserves or colorants added.
Not OGM and gluten free.
Most common items are: NFC juice, cells, juice concentrate cloudy or clear, comminuted, etcetera.



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