Spanish pickles. Main varieties: capers, gherkins, silver onions, garlic gloves, banderillas and all sort of mixes.




January - December




Retail packaging for supply chains and distributors. Pouches, tins or glass jars. BPA NI. All formats and sizes required.
If need a special packaging just ask to us.

Food service:

Food service packaging for importers and distributors. Pouches, tins or glass jars. Standard jars: 1 gallon.
Ask if other formats required.


Shipment details:

Kept in ambient.
Logistics: Euro pallets, industrial pallets or slip sheets.
Cannery Row collaborates with certified transport agencies to offer the best service possible.


Type of preparation

Preparation details:

Non-genetically modified pickles: cleaned, selected, blanched, cleaned, preserved in brine, cut, filling and pasteurized until getting a ready to eat product.



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